Cantadera, RTPA

Cantadera 1

CANTADERA is a television program dedicated to Asturian music. It´s held at the RTPA (Principality of Asturias Radio and Television). Its presenters are Sonia Fidalgo and Chus Pedro, and they will introduce many already known interpreters of Asturian traditions and music.

The first program appeared live on April 11th, 2015, and it continues since then to be a major success in the north of Spain.

Some of the musicians invited are: Marisa Valle Roso, Belén Arboleya, Enrique Castañón, Liliana Castañón, Manuel Roza Llera, Vicente Prado “El Pravianu”, José Manuel Reguero “El Maestru” and Celestino González “Tino Arnizu”.